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The Samuel Marshall Gore Galleries

About the gallery

Dr. Samuel Marshall Gore joined the MC faculty in 1951 following his completion of a three-year BFA program of study at the Atlanta College of Art. Prior to this assuming the leadership role, pioneering effort and influence could be traced to the teaching of Marie Hull at Hillman College and more recent art instruction by others on faculty. Completing his BA requirement at MC in 1952, he was invited to remain in the only full time art position at that time and to nourish a quiet but significant tradition of interest in art on campus. He developed the Art Major curriculum and recruited students with art career interests. From the beginning, his commitment was to the church-related mission of the college and to a concept of art with a strong Christian emphasis. He further qualified himself by completing both the Masters and Doctoral degrees.


As a tribute to Dr. Gore's faithful stewardship of energy and talent toward serving college students and in establishing a legacy of teaching art from a Christ-centered perspective, the college administration established the Samuel Marshall Gore Art Gallery.  The gallery is located on the Mississippi College campus behind the Leland Speed Library.

"Back to Basics" will close at noon on May 5, 2023.

Past shows

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