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Molly Ehrhardt

Artist Statement

I grew up with a heavy art influence from my grandparents, Opa and Nonni. Their house is filled with art from various mediums: prints, handmade, photography, sculpture, ink, charcoal, etc. Growing up in New Orleans was also inspiring to me, because of the expressive culture. Opa has passed, but he is the reason I am an artist. He was proud of everything I made. His influence in my life has given my art a meaning. As an artist I want to capture the things I love the most. Family, my city, and the imagination. In my imagination, anything is possible. It is a world full of abstract color, words that do not exist, endless fun, and no boundaries. There is no limit to the imagination, there is no box to be put in. As a Graphic Designer, I want to capture every characteristic that makes a brand a brand. I want to answer the question of why a company is doing what they are doing. I believe everything has a deeper, complex meaning. A brand should reflect a personality, a quality, and the care behind a good or service. A brand should also catch the eye of a consumer and needs to be something they like to look at. I strive to focus on the emotion they should feel when they use a specific product and their interaction with the brand.

Bachelor of Fine Arts in Graphic Design

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