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Melodi Edwards

Artist Statement

I am a connector of people. I want my art to reflect on the experiences, emotions, and lives we all share. For example, my current project I am working on is a drum circle of six different ethnic groups. I want to connect to the people and their cultures. Rigorous searching, questioning, and learning about what makes everyone different and unique. I want those small difference to been seen, heard, shown, and make the bridge between each culture open with questions. I want to show the traditions, the similarities, the economic influence, and beautiful people. To do this is a process of dedication and determination. To continue my fight for knowledge, stepping out of my comfort zone, and pushing myself beyond my limits. These are things I work to achieve and present through my work. Overall, I want everyone to know that though we may be different we are collectively one.

Bachelor of Fine Arts in Sculpting with a History Minor

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