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Marlee Schaefer

Artist Statement

From a young age, art has been a source of unique and meaningful expression in my life. I can be an introverted person, finding it difficult to portray myself with words alone. Through art, I have grown in my ability to express myself in ways that words would not allow. Design and illustration are my main creative outlets. With these, I have been able to express my interests and make lasting personal connections with other people.  As a graphic designer, I find fulfillment when I am able to bring visions to life so they can serve a purpose. It brings me joy when I use my design skills to make someone else happy or help others reach their goals. I accomplish this by creating designs that allow clients to better express their intended message while making their ideas reality. My designs are aimed at displaying a client’s personality in a way that resonates with their intended viewers. One way I am able to do this is by incorporating elements of illustration into my designs. Illustration allows me to interject my own artistic personality and style while still fulfilling a client’s needs. By combining different media, I can create unique identities in the form of logos, artistic branding, and other products. The ultimate purpose of my designs is to help build meaningful and personal connections between my clients and their audiences. Through this process, I am able to maintain a fulfilling outlet for my creative soul. 

Bachelor of Fine Arts in Graphic Design

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