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Mackenzie Ricks

Artist Statement

Ever since I can remember, art has always been a part of my life. It seemed to be in my very nature to create. When I came to know the Lord, I understood that this was, in fact, the case. We have a creative God, who made us in His image, so we too are intended to be creative in various ways. Through this gift, I am able to communicate with and connect to others around me in ways that go beyond what words can accomplish. The way I see it, art and design is a form of communicating through analogies. Creating visual parallels to what words may not be able to adequately convey. It’s a way of speaking on behalf of what cannot be spoken for. It’s through these mindsets that I have learned to acknowledge and appreciate not only the bigger picture, but also its intricate details. This theme can be found throughout my work. Simultaneous appreciation of both the greater story and the smaller parts it takes to communicate it fully. Another theme in my work is simplicity. As people, we often tend to overcomplicate things. Sometimes the most effective way to communicate can be in what’s missing. When you eliminate the noise and distractions and go back to the basics, it allows for clearer, more direct expression. With these goals in mind, creating for clients is an exciting challenge for me. I love working with people to determine how to best represent their heart behind an idea, while also communicating effectively. My ultimate motivators are to glorify the Lord in all that I do, and to help others communicate well to their intended audiences through the visual arts. It is in doing these things that I grow closer to my Creator and develop as an effective artist.

Bachelor of Fine Arts in Graphic Design

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