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Isakiel Griffin

Artist Statement

I have always enjoyed listening and gathering information. When working with clients and even other fellow artist I have always loved to bring in ideas and to help see those ideas come to life and be put out into the world. Through graphic design I am able to engage and create with others that don’t know what they want or cannot show what they want. I want to be that bridge between an idea and a final product. All throughout my art career, I have always loved feedback and building ideas by myself or with others. At first it just began with family. I wanted them to look at my work or tell me ideas they wanted to see. Now it includes others. My enjoyment of graphic design and even other art stems from my love for creation. An idea is presented, and I to my best ability execute that idea. That to me is what art is. My art is an idea stemming from me or from others that is executed for the world to look at and enjoy or not enjoy. I want to learn and grow by learning from others. I want my artwork to reflect the idea of me. I want to bring people’s ideas/visions to life. My reason for being on this Earth I think is to do that very thing. I also think that I should show others growth and collaboration.

Bachelor of Fine Arts in Graphic Design

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