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Emily Neely

Artist Statement

Creativity was around me growing up, whether I viewed my dad’s paintings or did simple arts and crafts with my sister. However, I never thought a career in the arts could be attainable. I decided to major in nursing, but I continued to draw during class anyway. When my nursing education didn’t work out, I stumbled into graphic design. I actually paid attention during class and cared about my assignments. Graphic design gave me purpose and an outlet. My journey as a graphic design student has been difficult but rewarding. As an artist, I not only learned skills in software, but artistic techniques, in order to convey a message. I have the ability to tell a story through a magazine layout or raise awareness with a simple sticker design. Although school was difficult, I now realize art has too much to offer for me to box myself in. Graphic design was intimidating at first, but knowing what I am capable of now, and in the future, is empowering. Connecting with others is my goal as a graphic designer. As a Christian, I am not exactly sure why God has me on this path, but I feel like I can help others tell their story. Branding can explain the purpose and journey behind a product. I can share the creator’s history and background through a web design or describe a product with a logo. As a graphic designer, I have the ability to help others in numerous ways, by combining art and technology.

Bachelor of Fine Arts in Graphic Design

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