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Brittany Bradley

Artist Statement

Art is not just a hobby in my life. It is a door that opens to a new world. That allows my mind to be as free and creative as I want it to be. Art also serves as an emotional outlet for myself. I create certain art that gives off a trigger reaction to either start a conversation, or provokes an emotion in each viewer. Through the various types of material used, acrylic and oil paint has been my go to mediums in the art world. Art in general has given me motivation to introduce the endless possibilities that can be obtained through having an open mind. I strongly believe that in order to impact the world we live in, we must start at the base; the children. In certain situations, children have no way of effectively vocalizing how they feel, or what may be bothering them. Art gives the children a new way to interact with the people around them and helps build their personality. While providing them with a more adaptable way of making various solutions to a variety of problems. Art can be a life saver,or it can also create life savers.

Bachelor of Science in Art Education

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