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Olivia Mccord


"Architecture’s influence reaches beyond individual buildings. Architecture has a critical role to play in supporting communities to confront history, shape new narratives, collectively heal, and project new possibilities for the future." 

MASS Design Group

I see the world in thousands of thought-out, meaningful brush strokes, pen marks, clay formations... everything so carefully painted, poetically written, and purposely formed. Each creation is a reflection of the Lord’s glory and majesty. He is Creator of all things. He created life bursting with creativity. Jesus himself was a carpenter, working with his hands all day. He was a master storyteller, think of the parables, not to mention the story he was writing for each of us with his life laid down. I see myself and everyone around me as an image-bearer of and co-creator with the Creator of the universe. As such, I find so much joy in utilizing the creativity the Father has given me to magnify Him. I love woodworking, drawing, poetry, dancing, music, storytelling, and art of all forms. I find so much beauty in nature. I see His love in the delicacy of flowers that grow on my family’s farm. I hear praise in the rustling of trees. I see His grace in the gray donkeys across the street. I hear his voice in the rushing of water. The beauty of creation encaptures me. I really enjoy experiencing the world through design. I love people and art so interior design really is a sweet spot for me where my worlds collide. I began to realize this when I was 12. I worked on a construction team that was finishing a home that had been damaged by a hurricane 7 years prior. I saw then, for the first time, what healthy and adequate living environments mean for people and how deep of a connection you can form with others while providing that. It is truly an outpouring of love and beauty. My passion for interior design grew from that moment in time and continues to be expanded upon to tell the story of redemption.

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